Parents & Families

We have been serving families in Texas for over 30 years and understand that children thrive with a team of experienced care providers who tailor their treatment approach to the needs of your child.

Reach believes all children deserve a supportive community to help them grow and develop to their fullest potential.  Every child possesses their individual strengths that skilled therapies providers can help build upon.  Reach empowers parents through education and experience to navigate the world and help your child achieve regardless of the differences or medical conditions.

Many of the children we work with at Reach have impairments that may impact their daily lives to a lesser degree.  Other children we work with may have a disability that impacts them and will require Reach’s support for a longer period of time.  No matter your child’s needs, Reach therapists are prepared to support the child and family in their journey.

Reach is a home health agency and outpatient clinic provider that offers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.  Our highly trained and experienced staff have skills to maximize your child’s progress in clinic or at home.   Home Health therapy may be the right choice for you if your child has higher medical needs, is less than 1-year-old, or therapy is addressing skills that only pertain to the home environment.  Clinic may be a good choice for your child if they can benefit from more structure during treatment, a higher degree of challenge from specialized equipment and a larger community of therapists and children with opportunities for socialization and support.

The commitment of Reach Therapy is to provide high quality, outcome-oriented healthcare to patients requiring specialized pediatric rehabilitation services in the home, clinic, or alternative sites.  This commitment is shared by every employee of Reach Therapy as we strive daily for clinical excellence, high standards of patient care, partnerships with our families and communities, and ongoing therapy education..

We are honored to have Reach families and Houston’s pediatric physicians grant us the trust to take care of their children. Whether in the home or clinic setting, we are committed to providing the high level of care you expect from a hospital, a research facility or experts in the field of therapy.  We will partner with you to provide the best possible care for your child and the support needed for your family so you can spend time enjoying activities together.

“I love coming to Reach. I love bringing my child to Reach because I know my child will progress to a better future for him. Speech therapy has helped my child to interact with others. Others can now understand what he is saying. I believe my child will accomplish pre/grade school easily. My child loves his speech therapist; he talks about her all the time. She is very loving and anxious to teach. My child gets excited to come to Reach.”

“We have only been here for about four months and I have seen my son do so much in so little time. It’s nice to know that he’s getting the best therapy. He’s getting better every day and he’s learning something new every day. Things that were hard for him six months ago, he’s doing it with no problem.” (Kaiden’s mother)

“We love coming to reach because Liam enjoys coming. All the therapists are very friendly and helpful. Liam has grown so much during his time at Reach. Liam has progressed more in the past seven months coming to Reach than he has with his other therapies prior, all put together. He is now, holding his head up and able to roll. We love the therapist Diana!” (Liam’s mother)