Pediatric Therapy Home

PEDIATRIC THERAPY – HOME – Many families feel home is the right location for services in the following instances:

  • Your child has a complex medical condition requiring nursing care
  • Medical fragility
  • Your child has a compromised immune system
  • Child is very young
  • Medical equipment needs and/or difficulty transporting medical equipment
  • Transportation limitations
  • Your child does not react well to other children or higher levels of stimulation

Services at home may help your child feel more relaxed and at ease which can be very beneficial for some types of therapy.  For example, a baby at home learning to eat or become more mobile may be able to tolerate more challenges during their therapy session if they are allowed to continue their daily routines in a familiar place. In addition, the therapist has the benefit of seeing the child in the environment they need to function in. As an example, a child who uses a wheelchair could get the therapists help in developing skills to transfer in and out of his/her bed.  Small changes in a situation like this can make a big difference when using the right bed height, door opening, and furniture placement.

The home environment may be the best option for a child when there are young siblings, challenging school schedules and transportation difficulties. If the needs of the child change or the family decides to choose a service location for therapy, Reach can support a transition into the clinic setting.

Regardless of place of service our therapists will work with the most important member of your child’s healthcare team…YOU!   Our parents and caregivers are integral partners in helping our patients achieve the highest level of skill and healthcare outcomes.